We are Admiral Europe Compañía de Seguros
The insurance company of Admiral Group in continental Europe



Admiral Europe Compañía de Seguros S.A.U. (AECS) is an Admiral Group plc. insurance company based in Madrid (Spain). AECS was created in 2018 as an insurance company for the Group’s business in the countries of continental Europe, becoming the insurer of more than 1 million clients of the Admiral Group in Italy, France and Spain.

Admiral Group also operates in the United Kingdom, the US, Canada, India and Mexico, adding more than 5 million customers and more than 10,000 employees around the world.

AECS insurance policies are distributed in Europe by Admiral Intermediary Services S.A.U., a related insurance agent, which operates with different commercial brands in each country:


This was the first brand created by Admiral Group outside of the UK. It was launched in Spain in 2006 as a low cost car insurance, sold through direct channels (phone, web, etc.). It is especially aimed at young people or those without prior insurance drivers whose car insurance is generally more expensive or who have difficulties finding a company to insure them.


ConTe.it is Admiral Group’s brand in Italy, launched in May 2008. ConTe.it offers car and motorbike insurance. Our mission is to be best in class serving our customers and giving them a very good price. In 10 years we count more than 500,000 happy customers and 600 employees. ConTe.it is a Great Place to Work in Italy.


L’Olivier is the Admiral Group’s french brand, created in 2010. Its objective is to provide its customers with solide guarantees at the fairest price and – above all – a modern and user-centrix experience.  

Qualitas Auto

This is the main brand of Admiral in Spain. Qualitas Auto was launched in March, 2013 and currently offers insurance for cars, motorbikes and vans. Their principle aim is to offer high quality insurance with the best customer service and a lower price than traditional companies.

Qualitas Auto Classic

Qualitas Auto Classic is the brand launched in 2019 to contract car insurance through insurance mediators, being an exclusive product for the mediated channel.